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Portage Northern High School
Women's Soccer
Head Coach: Chris Riker
JV Coach: Amy Draybuck
Varsity Assistants: Brooke Nobis & Matt Brown
Goalkeeper Coach: Monisha Berkowski

Latest News (Updated 16-Jun-2005)
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2005 District and Regional Champions!

Huskies fall in state semi-final game. It was a beautiful March day. I sat in the bleachers at Cedar Springs watching a preseason scrimmage with my FHC friend Kraig Klynstra. Kraig said "You know we will meet you guys in the state semi-finals". I said "yep, too bad it couldn't be in the state finals". Three months of hard work by both teams produced the match-up that was inevitable. The Huskies came into the game 22-3, the most games ever won by a PN women's soccer team. The Forest Hills Central Rangers came in with only a single loss, a 2-0 defeat delivered by the hands of the Huskies. Last night the two teams met again in a battle for state supremacy. This time FHC came out on top 3-1, but like last time, it was a game that was much closer than the final score might indicate. Both teams played with tremendous heart giving it all they had. Both team's fans were proud of their teams efforts. Going in we knew that FHC had exceptional speed and quickness. That quickness was accentuated on the artificial turf. What surprised me was the toughness of FHC. The referee let them play and FHC did an excellent job knocking us off the ball. The Huskies adapted well to the artificial turf. I do think the field was a factor in the game. You could tell the Huskies had to think about their passes while this came naturally to FHC. It also affected substitution patterns in my opinion. That said, give FHC credit, they played a whale of a game. The game started windy and dry but ended very wet as sheets of mist poured across the pitch. FHC came out very aggressive and the Huskies took a bit of time to get used to the speed of the game. We lost Kristan Young to a concussion (in the box) almost immediately. This was a game that would be played up and down the field with few scoring opportunities. By my count the two teams totaled six shots on goal for the entire game. Each team had other chances, but only six shots. FHC continued to apply first half pressure and were rewarded at the 25-minute mark when freshman Stacklter gained the baseline and centered to Slater who tapped it in. We went into half time down 1-0. The Huskies are a remarkable group of young women. The fans in the stands knew they would not give up. Indeed the Huskies tied the game at the 55-minute mark when Anna Bliss sent a free kick into the box and wily Sam Kowalisyn headed a screamer into the net. 1-1. The score remained knotted until the 67th minute when Stacklter again center the ball to Molly Gerst who got the game winner. The Rangers got a final goal with two minutes remaining as the Huskies were taking offensive chances. If you missed the game, I wish you could have seen how hard the Huskies played in the last two minutes of their season when they really didn't have a chance to win. The heart the team showed in the final two minutes encapsulated the entire season and made me very very proud to be a part of the Huskie program. The buzzer sounded, the game ended. For our nine seniors their high school soccer career ended. Nikki Burnham dropped to ground in tears. Kristin McCall walked to the bench, pounded the ground with her fist and collapsed in tears. Anna Bliss walked to the far end of the side line and fell. Long after the FHC left the field, the Huskies remained supporting on another. It will be hard to forget Kristin, Nikki and Anna in a circle on the ground in the mist hugging one another. It will be hard to forget Kristan Young sitting as she had the entire game on the end of the bench with her hands holding her head. It will be hard to forget the coaches hugging each player, looking into their eyes and giving words of support. It will be hard to forget the players hugging one another, supporting one another long after the game ended. It will be hard for me to forget the coach's wife whispering praise that went far beyond soccer. Long after the game ended the Huskies hung on, as a team, together as they had been all year, like no group of girls I have ever seen. A truly remarkable group of young women. Well done HUSKIES!!!!

A tribute to the 2005 Huskies

The following is excerpted from the opening talk at Tuesday night's soccer banquet. Later in the evening Tim, Tom and Al used different words but expressed the identical sentiments.

What a great year its been. You all started working in December for this and are now reaping the rewards of your hard work. You are 22-3. You have shutout victories over then undefeated and top ranked FHC, undefeated and #2 ranked Mason and #2 ranked Hackett. You shutout a very tough Vicksburg team 2-0 to win the district title outscoring your opponents in districts 23-1. You beat Mason soundly…remember the mlive question: What happened to Mason…that's simply: they ran into the Huskies!! You outscored your opponents 9-1 on your way to the Regional Championship. You've allowed fewer goals scored than last year and scored many many more. But guess what: none of that is why the people in this room love and admire you so much. You are admired and loved because you are the best example in my memory of a team and in my opinion your success is not because of your considerable skill, your considerable speed, your considerable soccer acumen, but rather because you play together as a team. In my four years associated with the program, I've seen teams that contained potential Ms. soccers, teams loaded with all-state players, teams with potential that was incredible. None of these teams hold a candle to you. Those teams relied on individuals to succeed. You rely on one another. In the past when the individuals faltered the team went down in disarray. On the other hand when an individual falters on this team, the team carries the day. You may say, of course we play as a team, doesn't everybody. The answer is NO, you are truly special. Look what happened to Mason. Undefeated, rank #2, heavily favored by the pundits at mlive to win. As soon as they got behind, they fell apart, started bickering with one another and lost. Can you imagine that happening to this team. No way. Look at the PC game, a loss but a game where you established yourself as true champions in my mind. Talk about fighting back from adversity. And then what you did off the field was truly amazing. How about Kaitlin Doud yelling back to BJ Snow that we are a team, we are in this together and we are not leaving our shooters on the field by themselves. Or the letter from Brittany Knue that you all received the next day, really a remarkable letter. Or Kristin McCall insisting the next day at school that the whole team lost the game during the shootout. Yes your actions have set you apart from all other Huskie teams in my memory. And this very special experience will carry with you the rest of your lives. You (and we) will always remember the camaraderie of this team and how you have bonded in a very unique and special way. Over the years you will come to realize how very special this experience has been. You probably don't fully yet appreciate how important teamwork will be throughout all facets of your life. But life truly is about teamwork. And you all have proved to be the ultimate team players. Win or lose, you have proven yourselves to be champions in something far more important than wins and losses. You have shown you have what it takes to be part of an outstanding team, and this experience and knowledge will translate into success throughout your lives. Congratulations Huskies on a great season and for being a reminder to the rest of us what we can accomplish when we work together as a team. Go HUSKIES!!!!

Well, the season is over and as I write my last lines I am just plain old sad. Not because we lost last night, but rather because our time together with this remarkable group of players and their parents is past. I take heart in knowing that the experience of this season will stay with our players forever and be part of the foundation that will give them happy and successful lives. Go HUSKIES!!!!

Webmaster's note: A big Thank You to Bob McCall for writing a game summary after each match all season long. This has been much appreciated by those of us who couldn't come to every match, and also I suspect by those who did. Granted Bob's job was made easier by having such great material to write about, but he still did a super job of writing. Thanks much!

Regional Champs! The Portage Northern Huskies won the regional championship for the third time in four years with a 5-1 win over a good squad from Mattawan. The Huskies once again used their formula for success in the victory. Balanced attack, depend on each other rather than any individual. Play with heart and passion. This team has so many weapons and with strength at all positions, they pose problems for the opposition up and down the field. Before I describe the game, this reporter must apologize for two things: 1) getting this in late (what a busy weekend, six of our Huskie seniors were honored with open houses!) and 2) being so excited at the regional final that I forgot to take good notes. The Huskies came out hard and were rewarded 6 minutes into the game with a corner kick. The fans screamed for PLAY #1 and Sara Howland delivered with a ball lofted into the middle of the box. As she has so often this season, Kristan Young got her head on it and the scramble began! Sam Kowalisyn was the last to touch it as she slammed it home for at 1-0 Huskie lead. As the half wound down the fans asked for another goal to go into the intermission and again the Huskies delivered. Brooke Somers drove down the right side, beat the defender around the corner and crossed to Kristan Young who headed it into the net for a 2-0 half time advantage…a very pretty goal! One minute into the second half most of the Huskie fans were still in the Chez Huskie popcorn line when Sara Howland fired a rocket from outside into the net following a feed from Brooke. Sara has spent the season tuning in the laser sighting mechanism on her strong right leg and has really got it adjusted for the playoffs. Sara Howland (I think, bad notes) finished off the scoring with her left foot from outside, following a feed from Nikki Burnham. Huskies win 5-1!!!! Astute observers may note that I missed a goal in here. How about this time we give the goal to Cory and the assist to Kendra??!!!!

Soccer reports always detail the offensive accomplishments of the team and for the most part the defensive labors quietly. Our fans know how accomplished and important our defense has been all year. They are led by seniors Anna Bliss, Nicki Burnham, Janice Malone and Kristin McCall. Their leadership has been one of several keys to the great success of the season. Junior outside defender Kaitlyn "Dude" Doud and sophomore sweeper Anna Caplis have played exceptionally well this year and have been an integral part of the defensive success enjoyed by the Huskies. My descriptions don't include a lot of defensive plays but here's one for you. In the first half Anna Caplis and Kristin McCall absolutely schooled the league's leading scoring on the offside trap. Kristin was marking the forward who kept moving up high. Anna noted this and moved up making Kristin and her mark the last ones back. As Mattawan was about to deliver the ball to the forward, Kristin moved up four feet in line with Anna…then they would both raise their arms to signal offside…..they caught Mattawan offside a total of eight times in fifteen minutes. Fun to watch and frustrating for the opposition. All in all Friday night was another great performance for the Huskies.

State Semi-final Preview: The Huskies move on to play in the state semi-finals Wednesday night at 7PM in Middleville (at Thornapple-Kellogg). The game will be a re-match with their friends from Forest Hills Central. In the first game PN prevailed 2-0, but in truth the game was dead even. It could have gone either way. Both teams come into the game with tremendous tradition. Both teams have made it to the state semi-finals three times in the last four years. In the last four years the teams have played each other six times and sport a 3-3 record. The biggest win belongs to FHC when they beat PN 2-1 in a semi-final game two years ago. Recently this reporter gained an exclusive interview with the outstanding Klynstra twins. I commented that FHC was the fastest team we have seen this year. They commented that PN was the fastest team they have played this year. There is no doubt that it will be speed versus speed on Wednesday. Both teams play with great heart as well. Neither team has a weakness, with skilled players at all positions. I cannot foresee the outcome but I guarantee one of the best games you will ever see….so come out and support our Huskies!!!!!

Huskies roll over #2 ranked, previously unbeaten Mason in regionals. The Huskies have flown under the state radar all season long. And that's been fine by them! Last night they surprised #2 ranked and previously undefeated Mason 4-0 in a regional showdown. With previous wins over #1 ranked and unbeaten Forest Hills Central and Div 4 #1 ranked Hackett, the Huskies will find it hard to go unnoticed much longer. Last night they won the way they have all season. A balanced offensive attack at one end and a relentless defense at the other. As Mason discovered last night we are a very difficult team to defend. From one game to the next it is hard to predict where the goals will come from, the only thing we know for sure….they will come. Last night a lot of the offense came from Brooke Somers. The game opened with neither team knowing what to expect from the other. It became quickly apparent that speed was an important factor in the game. Both teams had plenty. At the 15-minute mark Brooke used her speed to break loose at midfield, dribble through and around several defenders and then left-footed one from outside the box that had eyes for the upper far corner of the net. A beautiful goal that lifted the energy level of both teams. Both teams applied pressure on the other's goal for the remainder of the half, both had potential opportunities. Mason had the best chance when their forward broke free and went 1 v 1 against the Huskie keeper. Amy Nuismer made a tremendous save, likely her best and most important of the season. That save was a key to the game. From that point on the Huskies had the momentum. The half ended 1-0.

It was a brutally hot night with temperature hovering around 90. Mason substituted freely in the first half. Would the Huskies be able to keep up the pace in the second half? One thing I've learned about this team: when the game is on the line, never bet against the Huskies. The Huskies came out in the second half and applied relentless pressure throughout the second half. Their speed, their endurance, their heart were simply outstanding. Brooke had scored 15 minutes into the first half. 15 minutes into the second half Brooke did her thing again….exactly like she did in the first half. An identical goal, the description I will now cut and paste from above: At the 15-minute mark Brooke used her speed to break loose at midfield, dribble through and around several defenders and then left-footed one from outside the box that had eyes for the upper far corner of the net. A beautiful goal. In the 59th minute Mason's keeper made a tremendous stop on a screamer from Sarah Meyer to keep them in the game. Until the 63rd minute when Janice Malone stole the ball at midfield and fed a lovely pass to a charging Emily Kinner who went around a defender and then slammed it far post into the net. The Huskies finished off the scoring off a corner from Sara Howland in the 72nd minute. The fans called for play #1 and Sara delivered with a lovely arching ball to the middle of the box. The speedy Sarah Meyer got to it and drove a header into the net. Huskies 4, Mason 0. Can't finish this account without kudos to the D. Amy and Molly Brooks were solid in goal. The defense was strong all night. When Mason got a break away, they were run down. Their forwards were forced to the outside and not given room or time to settle their shot. All in all a great performance. I'll finish with a question posed on the mlive soccer forum: "what happened to Mason". That's easy, they were a very talented team but they played the Huskies who have been under rated and overlooked all season….until now!

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District Champions! Portage Northern versus Vicksburg. This was a game that was circled on fan's calendars since the start of the season. Two division II powerhouses. Neither team disappointed during the regular season. Both became recognized as the two best division II teams in southwest Michigan. When the two teams met today for the district championship both fans and players alike knew that this game would be special. Both teams would give it all they had, would ask for and give no quarter, and would leave the field exhausted at game's end. That's what was expected. What the teams did and the fans saw went way beyond that expectation. Both teams were tremendous, all parents were proud. The Huskies were victorious in a 2-0 game whose outcome wasn't decided until the final minutes.

It was apparent from the start that goals would be hard to come by in this game. Vicksburg came into the game with a well deserved reputation for speed up front. The Huskies came in having scored 21 goals in their last two games. Both defenses would be tested today and both defenses played exceptionally well. The Huskies lost star defender Anna Bliss early in the game to a possible concussion putting pressure on the rest of the defense. The speed of Vicksburg was outstanding at all positions, the forwards may have been the fastest we've seen this year. But I've thought for awhile and will state it now that the Huskie defense is likely the fastest defensive group we've seen this year. The two Annas, Nikki, Kristin, Kaitlin and Janice are all burners and play great together. Vicksburg had few good opportunities in the first half while the Huskies were often in the vicinity of the Vicksburg goal but couldn't find the mark. The half ended scoreless.

At half-time I had a feeling of confidence. I thought about the skill of our players. I thought about their heart. I thought about their desire. I thought about the seniors who didn't want their season to end. I realized that I could say the same for the Vicksburg team, heart, desire, speed, skill. My optimism came from a different direction. In the second half Vicksburg would not face 11 very good Northern soccer players but rather one exceptional TEAM, and I KNEW that team would find a way to win. The score remained knotted at 0-0 for most of the second half and tension mounted with each drive down the field. The Huskies finally found the net in the 67th minute when Sarah Meyer crossed to a charging Sam Kowalysn who blasted it past the keeper. The goal sparked the Huskies. One minute later Sam tried to return the favor by placing a long ball to the foot of a charging Sarah Meyer who sent a bullet to the far post. A spectacular diving save by the Vicksburg 'keeper kept the game in reach. Symmetry was at work though, as one minute later Sarah Meyer sent a long ball back to Sam who blasted at the net. The keeper made a great attempt but her deflection bounced off the crossbar and into the net. Molly Brookes preserved the shutout in the final minute of the game by making a tremendous diving save of her own. The Huskies won the District 2-0! A great game.

Doesn't it seem like a long time ago when Sam couldn't buy a goal. Hard to even recall all her frustration last year with so many near misses. She has come on strong this year and has made a tremendous contribution to the Huskies, perhaps none bigger than her two goals today in the District championship game….way to go Sam. And speaking of last years team. We have played 3 more games than last year, have allowed 3 fewer goals and scored close to 40 more goals on our way to a 20-3 record. We play undefeated Mason in the first round of regionals on Wednesday at 7 PM. The game will be on our home field so let's get a big noisy crowd out to support this great team!

Huskie's slow start ignites impressive victory over Gull Lake. Wow! What a game. The Huskies were just plain scary last night against Gull Lake in the second game of districts. I'm not even sure where to start. How about at the beginning. A quick poll in the stands suggested that the fans had witnessed 437,639 soccer games collectively. Until last night no one had seen a goal scored in the first 14 seconds of the game. But that's what happened…and it was Grubius from Gull Lake that scored! Down 1-0 and hadn't broken a sweat. The Huskies quickly huddled and came up with a strategy. Don't allow another shot on goal and put eleven into their net….and that's what happened!

From the 15 second mark on the Huskies put on an awesome display of soccer prowess. The night before Sara Howland had scored a hat trick against Coldwater. So we couldn't expect a similar performance. She didn't have a similar performance….she had a better one scoring a ostrich (hat=3 goals, turkey=4, ostrich=5 goals). Wow! We were down 1-0 for exactly 1 minute 16 seconds. That's when Sarah Meyer drove to the baseline, got around the defender, hit Sam Kowalysn on the run who tapped it into the open net. That was a recipe for success that Meyer used again in the 21st minute, this time from the opposite side and this time hitting a charging Emily Kinner for the tap in. Sarah Meyer being a smart kid decided this is working and repeated it yet again at the 32 minute mark, this time connecting with Sara Howland for her second goal…her first goal came on an unassisted bullet that rebounded off a defender, back to Sara and into the goal. Sara got her 3rd goal on a looping shot into the upper net on a feed from Sam. The first half scoring was finished off at the 35th minute when Brooke Somers decided that baseline cross was working well and hit Sarah Meyer who added a goal to her 3 assists. At half time the Huskies led 6-1. Four goals in the second half were unassisted. Brooke started the flurry with a goal at the 44th minute. At the 46th minute Kristin McCall maneuvered around a defender a launched a missle, no make that a bullet, no make that a laser, no make that a torpedo (I'm trying to draw this goal out as long as possible!), anyway it was a shot to the near post! 50-minutes in Sara Howland got another rebound from her shot and put it past the goalie. With 9-minutes left in the game Carolyn Brown fed Howland who shot blast from thirty yards out that exploded the back to the net! Sara finished things off with her FIFTH goal on a free kick, a screamer into the left side of the net. I've coached and seen Sara play since AYSO days, this one may have been her best game ever! And this was one of the best games the team has played all year. The passing, the ball movement, the player movement without the ball and the finishing were simply outstanding. Wow!

The Huskies scored 21 goals in two days. Goals were scattered throughout the team and set up by everybody. More than once the official scorer wanted to give multiple assists on a goal. Most goals were set up by 2, 3, or 4 touch passes. Unfortunately space does not allow me to name all the ladies who set up the assister but the players and fans alike recognize the exceptional team play shown by this year's Huskies. The JV girls brought up got significant playing time and contributed to the bottom line. Saturday we face the winner of Lakeview/Vicksburg in the District Final. Should be a great game. If we play Vicksburg the game time may change to 10AM from the published noon time.

We had a couple of special Huskie fans in the stands last night. Amanda Harris came all the way from St. Louis to cheer on her old teammates. Great to see Amanda again…she is headed to MSU next year. Our other special fan was Mikie Sebold. She was the dearly loved trainer from the previous two years. She now has a training job at Wittenberg College.

Senior Tributes Continued:

CHELSEA "Checkmate" THOMPSON # 14. Chelsea is a three-year Varsity letter earner known for her speed and stamina at outside mid. Her parents are Jim and Vicki Thompson. She has earned Highest Honors, is a member of the National Honor Society, DECA and the Latin Club, as well as serving on the Student Athletic Advisory Council. Chelsea has performed over 40 hours of community service and works with her church youth group. She is also an outstanding cross country runner, having earned All Conference honors all 4 years, serving as captain for two years, and qualifying for State for 3 years. An All Conference Scholar Athlete, Chelsea will attend Western in the fall and thanks her parents for always being there for her, for taking care of her, and for their love. Best wishes, Chelsea.

KRISTAN "Crowbar" YOUNG #10. Kristan is another four-year Varsity player at outside mid, and has excelled at using her head to score for the Huskies. Her parents are Missy Bloomquist and Brian Young. Kristan is an All Conference Scholar Athlete, has earned High Honors, and has participated in Breadlift. In her senior year, she has been serving as a teaching intern at Angling Road School, in preparation for studying early childhood education at Western this fall. Kristan thanks her mom for taking care of her brother and her-by herself. Her brother has given her someone to look up to. In addition, Kristan thanks Ms. Kim Palmer, Northern High School teacher, for always giving good advice, and says that she is always there if you need to talk to her. Best wishes, Kristan.

Huskies win first game of districts. The Huskies took care of business last night in the first game of the districts by beating an outmanned but game team from Coldwater 10-0. The game featured a hat trick by Sara Howland, a pair of assists by Brittany Knue and a lot of shots over the cross bar. Sam Kowalasyn got the ball rolling in the 9th minute when she intercepted a pass and put it in the back of the net for an unassisted goal. Six minutes later Sarah Meyer picked the pocket of the defense and crossed the ball to Howland who bounced it in for her first goal. The first 30 minutes of the game were marked by a lot of shots near the goal, but not that many on the goal. If 3 points were given for balls over the cross bar, I shudder to think what the score might have been. But this was football, not football, so points were allowed only for balls in the net. The Huskies came alive with 5 goals in the last 11 minutes of the first half. A pass from Eden Malone to Kristan Young who put it in the net started the scoring barrage. One minute later Sam dribbled through the defense and was 1v1 versus the keeper. Instead of shooting she fed it to Sarah Meyer who tapped it into the open net. Two minutes later in perfect symmetry the reverse happened. Sarah Meyer dribbled through the defense and was 1v1 with the goalie. Instead of shooting she fed it to Sam who put it in the open net. Those two goals typify this team. Selfless play, team oriented. With 2 minutes to go in the half Brittany got her first assist on a feed to Sarah Meyer. One minute later Brittany teamed up with the other Sara as Howland drilled it from outside and exploded the back of the net. At the 50-minute mark Brooke hit from 30 yards with a laser that found a hole between the keeper and the near post. Three minutes later Mary McCarthy, brought up from the JV, fed Sara Howland for her third goal of the night. Emily Kinner finished off the scoring at the 59-minute mark. For most of the second half the Huskies showed the team of the future with only a single senior on the field. Mary McCarthy, Christy Nixon and Carolyn Brown were playing forward, midfield and defender, respectively. The varsity juniors and sophomores filled in the rest….and they looked good! The promise of great things to come next year!!! And finally, please catch the picture of the Burnhams in the stand as they watched Nikki go on a shooting rampage in the second half. She didn't get a goal, but it wasn't for lack of effort and it was great entertainment for the fans in the stands!

Senior Profiles Continued….

AMY " Knockout" NUISMER (GK). Amy is another four year Varsity starter as our quick and athletic Goal Keeper. Her parents are Ron and Denise Nuismer. For her stellar performance in goal, Amy has been named 3rd team All State, and All State honorable mention, in addition to being honored as All Conference and All District. Amy has earned numerous academic awards, including being named as the Marine Corps Scholar Athlete, the Outstanding Senior in the EFE Allied Health Program, and is an Excellence in Education award recipient. She also qualified again this year for the national competition of the Health Occupation Students of America, and has recently completed a mission trip to El Salvador. Amy is an All Conference Scholar Athlete, has earned Highest Honors, and is a member of the National Honor Society.
She will attend St. Louis University in the fall in their pre-med program. She thanks her parents for everything they do for her, and adds that they will miss her next year. Best wishes, Amy.

CAROLYN "The Rocket" RATH (GK). Carolyn joined the Varsity team this year after previously serving as outstanding JV Keeper. She is committed to the program and has stepped in as JV goalie again this spring in times of need. Carolyn's parents are John and Sue Rath. Carolyn was a Varsity Basketball player and was a state champion in both power lifting and weight lifting. She is a member of the National Honor Society and has earned Highest Honors in addition to being named an All Conference Scholar Athlete. She will attend Albion College in the fall. She wishes to acknowledge her family for coming to every one of her games-whether she plays or not and feels they are behind her all the way. She also wishes to thank Mrs. Tina Tribu, teacher at Northern High School, who has helped her a lot along the way, and been there when Carolyn needed her. Best wishes, Carolyn.

Huskies SINK the SAILORS from Mona Shores. The SAILORS from Mona Shores CRUISED into Portage last night fresh from a conference championship over Grand Haven. Unfortunately they ran into a storm named HURRICANE Huskie and were GROUNDED 4-0 in a well played contest. The Huskies were coming off their defeat by the hands of PC and speculation abounded as to how they might react. My RADAR picked up signs they would be fine and indeed they came out ALL AHEAD FULL. The SAILORS knew they were in for rough SEAS early when Brooke Somers to a pass from Sarah Meyer in the first minute of the game and a drove a 30 yard LASER SIGHTED ball into the upper right corner of the net. It was one of those balls that you knew was going in when it was kicked but you had to wait 5 seconds to see if you were right. Credit the Sailors for coming back hard and not giving up. Most of the first half was played in the middle of the field with neither team able to penetrate the defense. That changed in the 36th minute when Sam Kowalisyn took a beautiful pass on the run from defender Nikki Burnham, beat the defenders and SUNK the ball into the net. I love it when the defense turns to offense. One minute later we had one of the prettiest goals we never had when Anna Bliss sent a free kick into the box and Sarah Meyer volleyed it into the BEACONing net. The goal was called back but it sure was pretty. The Huskies SAILED into half time leading 2-0. In the second half HURRICANE HUSKIE spun off a secondary storm by the name of TYPHON YOUNG. This was a small storm that reach high into the atmosphere and did a lot of damage. In the 48th minute TY (typhoon Young) managed to head a free kick from Sara Howland as she was falling backward. Not sure how she got her head on it but it was a great play as the ball took HARBOR in the back of the net. The final Huskie goal was set up again by the defense as the ball moved out of our end quickly to Janice Malone who found TY in the box and ANCHORED the win with a TORPEDO to the back to the net. Several of the Huskies, including TY, came into the game hurting. The coach used the bench extensively and the bench came through with excellent play from the likes of Eden Malone and Brittany Knue….well done Huskies, way to play on an even KEEL!!!

District games next week include Tuesday against Coldwater and assuming success, Wednesday against Gull Lake. Both games are in Vicksburg with the District Championship game next Saturday at noon. I predict the WIND will blow in our favor as we CRUISE through calm SEAS on our way to SAFE HARBOR. District assignments are available at the MHSAA web site. District 18-2 includes Battle Creek-Lakeview, Coldwater, Gull Lake, Sturgis, and Vicksburg. PN hosts one of four Regionals in Division 2 June 7-11.

More Senior Profiles-

JANICE "The Jammer" MALONE #21. Janice is a four year Varsity letter earner, and is truly a force to be reckoned with at center midfield. Her parents are Mike and Lorraine Malone. Janice has earned High Honors, is a member of the Student Athletic Advisory Council, has participated in Breadlift and MDA community service, and played Varsity basketball. An All Conference Scholar Athlete, she will attend Michigan State University to study law enforcement with a minor in psychology: her dream is to join the FBI as an agent or in forensic science. Janice thanks her parents for always supporting her in everything she does; she says they love her no matter what she does-right or wrong. She also admires Mr. Scott Crocker, teacher at Northern High School because he is a good teacher, and always in a good mood (no matter if you are or not). Best wishes, Janice.

KRISTIN " Cruise Missile" McCALL #6. Kristin plays the critical defensive mid/stopper position and has twice received All Conference and All District honors for her tenacious play. Kristin's parents are Barb and Bob McCall. A four year Varsity starter, Kristin will continue her soccer career at the College of Wooster this fall. Kristin has earned Highest Honors, is an All Conference Scholar Athlete, has participated in Breadlift and is an accomplished equestrienne, and co-founder of the Northern Equestrienne Club. She wishes to acknowledge her parents because her mom is always good hearted and fun and her father is always down to earth and there when she needs him. Best wishes, Kristin.

Huskie Special Report- This reporter has claimed all year that this season’s lady Huskies play as a team like no other in recent memory. If you doubted read on. Monday night the Huskies suffered a well played but heart breaking loss to cross town rival PC. Below is a letter sent to the team on Tuesday morning written by a Portage Northern player and placed here with her permission.

I know this is a little weird for me to be writing this to you, but I wrote it to tell you, that last night……YOU ROCKED! I don’t care what any of you think, or what’s inside your head. I’m telling you what I saw. Last night, I saw a team that had so much heart and desire to beat the mustangs. You girls stuck it to them, and all the fans could obviously see who wanted it more. No one and I mean No-One should be disappointed at all of how you played. All of you girls should be so proud of yourselves for playing the way that you did. You should not be looking down upon yourself in anyway at all. So whenever I see you next, I don’t want to hear of all wrongs you thought you did; I want you to be proud for all the hard work and effort you put into the game. Continue to keep your heads up high, and don’t look back and pick apart the mistakes that were made or the disappointments that you had. Instead, think about all the hard work that you put into that game last night, and what you learned from that once in a lifetime experience. I honestly couldn’t ask for a better group of girls to play with, all of you girls are like sisters to me, I love you all so very much. So girls, keep your heads up and kick … in districts…OKKK!

Huskies show heart in shootout loss to PC. This was a game to be long remembered, not for the final score but for the heart the huskies displayed out on the field. A tremendous effort was not rewarded with victory but rather the knowledge that they gave it all they had. Fans and team were disappointed, but there sure was a lot of pride in the way our team played. The Huskies were behind much of night but never gave up. PC scored early at the 10 minute mark when Annie Rose received a pass from Ellen Molenaar, dribbled around four Huskies and put the ball in the back of the net. It was a demoralizing goal that could have send PN packing but the ladies came back hard. The reward was quick when Sam Kowalisyn would not be denied in front of the Mustang net. She fought off two defenders and slammed home the tying goal following a feed from Kristan Young. Visions of Kari Klynstra weaving through the defense were revisited in the 25th minute when again Annie Rose dribbled through the defense and scored over the outstretched hand of a diving Amy Nuismer. Again the Huskies were down and facing the pressure of having to claw their way back. The game was hard fought and played in the middle for the rest of the half and most of the second half. The Huskies kept coming and were rewarded in the 64th minute when Kristan Young got a hold of a loose ball in front of the net and slammed it home.

The game ended in regulation knotted at 2-2. First overtime, 2-2. Second overtime, 2-2. Credit Anna Caplis and the rest of the Huskie defense with shutting down the high octane Mustangs for the final 85 minutes of the game. Credit Sarah Meyer for getting up and giving it her all after getting her head cracked in overtime. Credit Kaitlyn Doud and Nikki Burnham for aggressive defense and not backing away. Credit Kristin McCall for playing with a virus that has had her on the ropes for two weeks. Credit the bench for coming in and playing a heck of a game. This was the way it should be. The two best teams in West Michigan, playing for the conference championship, taking it all the way to a shootout. Sam and Brooke made the first two shots of the shootout against all-state keeper Wrege, while the Mustangs made only 1 of their first 3. Victory was close but not to be as the Huskies missed their last three shots and the Mustangs converted their last two. Huskies lost the championship 3-2. Although we lost, the game was memorable, and if you will indulge me, it generated a memory that will last forever. The game was tied 2-2, we were beginning the first overtime. The coaches had walked away from the team. Our girls huddled, arm in arm, bouncing, shouting, supporting. They were there together as a team, as they have been all year. I sure was proud to the Huskies!!!

The loss ended a 13 game win streak. I calculate we will need a 7 game win streak to bring home the state championship.

Earlier the JV team lost to PC 4-0.

Those who watched the men's teams from these same two schools face each other in an epic District battle last fall might have been overcome with an eerie sense of deja vu as Monday's match progressed. However, one thought that stands out is how much these classic matches reflect positively on soccer in Portage. Many excellent players playing with incredible skill, speed, strength, and heart! Congratulations to both teams, and congratulations to the Mustangs on the SMAC Championship.

Special note: Before the first meeting of these two women's teams last month, a special reunion occurred. Read more about it.

SMAC tourney bracket courtesy Portage Central High School web site at www.pchssoccer.org

Huskies battle to overtime win over Fruitport. Sarah Meyer normally puts 4 or 5 shots on goal per game. Last night she only had one, but made it count, as she sent an unassisted rocket into the upper net four minutes into overtime to preserve a 3-2 Huskie victory over Fruitport. If the Huskies were wine this year they would be considered an '83 Chateau Rothschild, a rare vintage indeed. Last night the Huskies played more like an aromatic 2006 Mogan David. Fruitport's strategy seemed to be to pack the box, keep us from scoring and hope for a goal. As the game unfolded it proved to be a very good strategy. Time after time the Huskies worked the ball towards the net only to meet with a wall of resistance. The wall finally cracked in the 37th minute when the Huskies got a free kick following one of many shoves from behind (this was a very physical game). Anna Bliss sent the ball in and Janice Malone drove a header into the net for the only first half goal. The second half was, well, weird. Let's just say play became even more physical. Huskies got a second goal with 12 minutes left regulation on a drive from 20 yards by Sam Kowalasyn following a feed from Sara Howland. Normally a 2-0 lead with 10 minutes left is money for the Huskies, but give Fruitport credit, they never quit and were tenacious. Their hard work payed off with 2 goals in a three minute stretch to send the game into overtime. That's when Sarah Meyer made her shot count. Huskies win, 3-2.

Earlier the Huskie JV team won 1-0 with a goal in the last minute by Christy Nixon…way to go!!!

Monday we play PC at their place…..let's get a big noisy crowd there!!!

Huskies "Post" victory over Stevensville Lakeshore 4-0. Clank, Clank, groan. Clank, groan. Clank, clank, clank, groan. That's been the predominate sound from the last two games as the Huskies clanked nine balls off the post. Last night the soccer Huskies loved the post almost as much as a real Huskie might as they put two off the post into the net on their way to a 4-0 victory over Lakeshore. The Huskies started the night slow, the game was being taken to them by the Lancers. At the 7 minute mark Amy Nuismer went 1 on 1 with a Lakeshore forward and used her face to block the goal attempt…way to go Amy! At the 10 minute mark past graduate Sara Schostarez showed up all the way from Portage and seemed to turn the Huskies around by her very presence. Huskies started playing their game and looking for the far post. It didn't take them long as Sara Howland drilled one off the post from 30 yards out following a feed from Brooke Somers. The Huskies were rolling and two minutes later Somers centered to Sarah Meyer who one-touched the ball past the keeper into the net…beautiful goal. Then Brooke decided it was time to score one herself and put the last goal of the night in at the 43rd minute of the match. This one came from Sam Kowalisyn and rolled ever so slowly to the post and then over the line to clinch the 4-0 victory. Observant readers will recognize that there is a goal missing from this story. That is because I have completely forgotten who scored and how, my apology. To make up for this I will randomly award the goal to Kendra and the assist to Cory!!!! Or more likely Sarah Meyer finished a feed from Kristan Young. The Huskie JV team was also victorious (2-1) on goals by Hillary Bronson and Christy Nixon.

Senior Spotlight: We continue with our tribute to the senior class

NIKKI "Never Say Die" BURNHAM #7. Nikki is a four year Varsity player and a power for the defense, earning All Division honorable mention and serving as co-captain her junior year. Her parents are Russ and Jeanne Burnham. She is a member of the Health Occupation Students of America, has participated in Breadlift for the past 4 years, and has over 40 hours of community service. Nikki is an All Conference Scholar Athlete who plans to attend Grand Valley State University to become a Physician's Assistant. She thanks her parents for their unconditional love, for encouraging and supporting her in all her decisions, and for setting high standards for her to emulate. Her grandpa and her parents are the most selfless people she knows, and she thanks her sisters for their sincerity and love. Best wishes, Nikki.

EMILY "The Energizer" KINNER #3. Emily has brought a burst of energy and scoring talent to the team in her two years as a Varsity forward. Emily's parents are Julie Kinner and Mac Kinner. She is an Honors student, has received Diversity Awareness Leadership Training, has participated in MDA fundraising, was a DECA state finalist and played volleyball for two years. Emily will attend Western Michigan University. She thanks her mom for always having her best interest in mind. Best wishes, Emily.

PN honors seniors and win first game of conference tournament. Monday night PN honored their 10 soccer seniors in a lovely ceremony choreographed by Kathy Howland, Sue Rath and Barb McCall. Seniors included Anna Bliss, Hillary Bronson, Nikki Burnham, Emily Kinner, Janice Malone, Kristin McCall, Amy Nuismer, Carolyn Rath, Chelsea Thompson and Kristan Young.

As a group, these young women have been playing soccer since preschool or kindergarten, and have some funny memories of their youthful soccer experiences. They remember doing cartwheels and picking dandelions on the field, looking forward to eating a swiss roll after the game, slide tackling their male opponents, wearing some interesting hairstyles featuring sweatbands, and lying in the grass talking.

Last night we honored the accomplished student athletes they have become. Academically, they have excelled: nine Big 16 All Conference Student Athletes. As athletes, they have excelled: this group includes six 4-year Varsity players, forming the core of the women's teams that won the SMAC Conference championship in 2003, and the District and Regional Championships in 2002 and 2003. As team leaders, they are ready to take on the competition in 2005!

The parents of this group of seniors were also honored. They have formed the backbone of Northern women's soccer support system for four years: serving as Booster Club officers, field maintenance chair, concession stand chair, ball runner recruiters, away dinner providers, banquet committee members, fund raisers extraordinaire, the best ever team managers, and have served up countless helpings of cheesie potatoes at team dinners. During their time at PN, improvements to the field have include new restrooms and concession stand, field irrigation, goal posts and plans are in place for new team rooms. Hard work from this group and parents who have come before and who will follow have made this possible.

Now on to the game! We played St. Joe in a rematch of a game that the Huskies won 5-2 just last week. The game started where the last one ended. The Huskies came out playing beautiful soccer. The passing, the movement with and without the ball, the spacing, the aggressive play, it was all there. The rewards came at the 15 minute mark when Brooke Somers put a long ball on net that slipped over the goalies hands following a feed from Kristin McCall. Although PN was at or near the top of their game, the St. Joe defense stiffened. In fact, you could say for much of the 1st half their defense was made of iron. In the first 28 minutes the Huskies hit the post or crossbar FIVE times! Last game we reported on the 10 most exciting seconds of the season (three off the post). At the 28 minute mark we had the most exciting 5 seconds of the season as Sara Howland and Sam Kowalisyn combined for two off the crossbar. The Huskies led at half 1-0. I'd say PN came out flat in the second half but that really doesn't adequately express how we played. Whatever is flatter than flat is the word I'm looking for. Gone was the crisp passing, gone were the runs, gone was the aggression. Much to St. Joe's credit they felt the momentum swing and we saw a team that we hadn't been exposed to for a game and a half. The Huskies were way back on their collective heels and the inevitable happened in the 66th minute…Mary Schuedeman headed a cross into the net to tie the game. This could have been the go-ahead goal had not Molly Brooks made a diving finger tip save moments before. Mercifully the Huskies seemed to come awake and began playing to their potential. Reward was rapid as Sam Kowalisyn kept a ball alive in the box and senior Chelsea Thompson slammed in home for a 2-1 Huskie victory! In the opening game, the Huskies played to a 1-1 draw with a nice goal from Sarah Bouali.

Senior Profiles: (to appear two at a time; check back after each game).

ANNA "The Blaster" BLISS #13. Anna is a four year Varsity starter, playing Outside Defender and Sweeper. Anna is the daughter of Bill and Susan Bliss, and was co-captain her junior year. Anna is a key part of the Huskie defense and has been recognized with All-Conference and All District honors twice, in addition to All Regional, and All State honorable mention. Anna's list of academic accomplishments is similarly outstanding: she was named Army Scholar Athlete, received the Departmental Accounting Award, is graduating with Highest Honors and is a member of the National Honor Society. Anna is a member of the Student Athletic Advisory Council, DECA, is secretary for the Business Professionals of America and tutors and volunteers for PCOC. She has also been named a Big 16 All-Conference Scholar Athlete. Anna will be attending the University of Kansas to study accounting, as her family returns to Kansas. She credits her parents and her brother for convincing her to play soccer in her freshman year and for always giving her the support she needs to feel confident: always knowing the perfect thing to say in any situation and always being there for her. Best wishes Anna.

HILARY "Bootleg" BRONSON #11. Hilary had not planned to play soccer this year, but returned to the JV team after the season started, in their time of need, stepping in as a strong and experienced midfielder. Her parents are Barb Hopps and Boyd Bronson. Hilary's stamina on the field owes a debt to years of running cross country, and she is also involved with the Latin Club and the International Club at the high school. She has earned Highest Honors all four years, is a member of the National Honor Society, and is an All Conference Scholar Athlete. Hilary will be attending the University of Michigan in the fall. She wants to recognize her step father, Tom Hopps, for his strength in the past two years-with everything he has gone through. She thanks her mom and her dad for their support through all her life. Best wishes Hilary.

Huskies topple highly regarded Hackett Catholic Central. For the second time in two week the Huskies have shutout a highly ranked opponent. Last week PN outlasted top ranked Forest Hills Central 2-0. Saturday fourth ranked Hackett felt the bite of the Huskies as PN won 1-0. No less than 10 of the 22 starters on Saturday had played on the same travel team last fall. Many soccer friendships exist between these two teams, some going back to 6 year old AYSO days (Remember when we used to call our teams names like the Pink Panthers!). Friendships were set aside for 80-minutes on Saturday as these two teams went head to head in a game that represents the best of area soccer. In the end, PN had won 1-0, but spectators from both schools had lots to be proud of. This game was a battle of defenses. Shots were hard to come by all day long and the majority of play was carried outside the boxes. The rain stopped just as the game began, but the slick field was a factor in the game. In the 26th minute Sarah Meyer centered a ball that skipped over a defenders foot in the rain slicked grass and came to rest on the foot of a breaking Brooke Somers. Brooke went 1 on 1 with the keeper and the result was the game winning goal. Both teams continued to play hard, both defenses proved very tough to break through. The game did feature perhaps the most exciting 10 seconds of the season. At the 64 minute mark Kristan Young pounded a ball that hit the bottom of the crossbar. The ball bounced out to Sara Howland who then struck the far post. Sara got her own rebound and hit the bottom of the cross bar again….all this in 10 seconds. Hackett had their best chance to score early in the game when a heavily defended Katherine Ni somehow got her head on the ball and sent a laser to the Huskie goal. The parents in the stands never saw the shot coming but senior goal tender Amy Nuismer was all over the ball to preserve the shutout and the win. In the JV match, the Huskies won 2-1 with goals from Christy Nixon and Mary McCarthy.

Special notes:

Huskies dominate in 4-0 victory over Lakeview. The fans were boisterous, the soccer was hot and the weather was freezing. Must be playing Battle Creek Lakeview again. For the second time in as many weeks the Portage Northern Huskies battled Battle Creek Lakeview to a 4-0 victory. The Huskies, now 12-2 on the year, have reeled off nine victories in a row. During that span PN has outscored their opponents 44-4. This team is putting together one of the best seasons in recent memory, has risen to #6 in the state and has gained the respect of players and fans across Michigan. This is amazing as there isn't a player on the team with "a state wide soccer reputation". A quote from mLive at the start of the season: "PN is going nowhere, they've got nobody." Even our local newspaper has ignored the Huskies. So how have the Huskies done it? This reporter thinks he knows. This group of young women has played as a team more so than any other group of soccer players in my memory. Each night it is a different hero and each night the players revel in the success of other teammates. Where have the goals come from, pretty much the whole team. Where has the defense come from, pretty much the whole team. Last night Emily Kinner stepped up with two goals in a fine performance. The first 10 minutes of the game was marked by a swarming pack of Huskies around the Lakeview goal. The pressure was fierce and was rewarded at the 18-minute mark when Sara Howland placed a beautiful cross to the foot of Brooke Somers who knocked it in. Two minutes later Emily picked the pocket of a Lakeview defender and rocketed the ball into the back of the net for an unassisted goal. With the half winding down Sarah Meyer drove the ball from 20 yards out into the upper left corner of the net following a feed from Anna Bliss. Anna got her second assist of the night on a feed to Emily Kinner who belted the ball near post for the final goal. The defense was sizzling hot as Lakeview failed to put a shot on goal. This marks the seventh time this season an opponent has had one shot or less on our goal. The defensive is anchored by Anna Caplis, Anna Bliss, Nikki Burnham, Kaitlyn Doud, Janice Malone and Kristin McCall. This reporter has not only been impressed with this group of defenders but also with the defense that the midfield and forwards have played all year. Again, the Huskies have done it as a team. In the first game of the night the JV Huskies bit into Lakeview for a 4-0 victory. PN goals came from Mary McCarthy (2), Liz Bejcek and Christy Nixon.

The bench helps lead the way in the Huskie victory over St. Joseph. Chelsea Thompson came off the bench to score two goals and a steely-eyed Carolyn Rath faced down a late game PK attempt to help preserve a 5-2 Huskie victory over St. Joe Monday night. Chelsea got her first goal at the 26-minute mark on a rebound that came out following a laser shot from Sarah Meyer. The Meyer-Thompson connection struck again in the 64th minute, another rebound for Chelsea off a shot from Sarah. Sam Kowalisyn started the scoring early by drilling a ball into the upper net, far post following a feed from Anna Bliss. Sam has followed the drought of '04 (known locally as THE DROUGHT) with the flood of '05 (known locally as THE FLOOD) as she continues her torrid scoring this season. Bill Bliss, someone known for usually being wrong in the stands, got it right when, after Sam got her first goal, he said "Let the flood gates open". Not to be outdone senior Kristan Young intercepted an errant pass and found the back of the net at the 18-minute mark of the first half. Sarah Meyer finished off the Huskie scoring at the 65-minute mark by weaving through several layers of defense and rocketing a shot off the far post into the net. A rash of minor injuries could have really hurt the Huskies last night but the overall strength and depth of our team saved the night. People like Brittany Knue and Eden Malone played exceptionally well coming off the bench. Well done Huskies!!! Earlier in the evening the JV team played to a hard fought 1-1 tie with St. Joe, with Mary McCarthy scoring the Huskie goal (on her birthday!).

Huskies Topple Top Ranked Forest Hills Central. The 2005 Huskies have played as a team all year. No superstars, no attitudes, just 21 very good athletes playing hard together. This was never more apparent than last night when the Portage Northern Huskies toppled top ranked and previously undefeated Forest Hills Central 2-0 in a game that must go down as one of the top performances of Huskie women's soccer. The Huskies entered the game against the speedy Rangers banged up. Out were starters Amy Nuismer, Anna Bliss and Kristan Young. The Huskies seemed inspired by the challenge and played with heart and courage rarely seen on the soccer field. Every Huskie walked off the field EXHAUSTED, they had given it everything they had and were rewarded with a victory over an excellent Ranger team.

The Huskies started off the scoring at the 18 minute mark when Sara Howland sent a free kick from the midfield into the Ranger box. In the ensuing scrum Sam Kowalisyn found the ball and the back of the net. Both teams applied relentless pressure on the ball, both had opportunities turned back by the defense and the keepers. Mollie Brooks played flawlessly in goal as she turned back 7 shots by the Rangers. The Huskie defense was outstanding and kept the high octane Ranger offense at bay. Sam found the net again with 4 minutes to go in the second half in a similar scrum in the box following a ball from Brooke Somers.

Special Note: Forest Hills Central holds a special place in the hearts of many Huskies. Kristin McCall, Anna Bliss, Kristan Young, Janice Malone, Sarah Meyer, Sara Howland and Brooke Somers have all played club soccer with members of the Rangers. They are a great group. Every once in awhile you witness a soccer match where both teams play their hearts out, where neither team deserves to lose. Last night was one of those games!

Huskies Heat Up Battle Creek Lakeview. Was that a Huskie howling? No, that was the wind blowing in fiercely from the north. The snow flew, the sleet pelted. January in Michigan? No, May 2nd. With temperatures in the 30s the Huskies made it feel like 'Somer' as Brooke Somers heated up the Huskies with two goals to help defeat Lakeview 4-0. The Huskies started hot with a beautifully controlled passing game. They were rewarded with their first goal on a lovely cross from Sam Kowalysn to Sara Howland who exploded the back of the neck. The intense cold seemed to slow even the fastest of the Huskies for the remainder of the half and we went to intermission leading 1-0. The coach however applied plenty of heat at half time and the Huskies came out smoking. At the 48 minute mark Brooke got her first goal on an assist by Sarah Meyer. No details are available as this reporter was adjusting a neck cowl over his face at the time of the goal. At the 66 minute mark Sarah Meyer drove down the length of the left sideline, turned the corner and put a perfect pass to Brooke's foot for her second goal. All told Brooke had 8 shots on goal in a heated performance. At the 75th minute Sam Kowalysn was hot in the box following a knock down and took revenge a minute later by finding the back of the net. The assist went to Sarah Meyer, her third for the night. The defense was sizzling hot as they limited Lakeview to only one shot on goal. In six of our eleven games the defense has allowed one shot on goal or less! Defensive stalwarts include Anna Caplis, Anna Bliss, Nikki Burnham, Kaitlyn Doud, Janice Malone and Kristin McCall. In the JV match, the Huskies won 3-0.

PN a Head Above Gull Lake. Kristan Young stood a head taller than most on the soccer field last night and used her height to full advantage in scoring not one but two header goals in PN's 4-1 victory over a tough Gull Lake club. Kristan started the scoring early with a goal off a corner kick from Sara Howland at the 3:00 minute mark. She finished the game the same way at the 76th minute with a header off a free kick from Anna Bliss. Sandwiched in between were Huskie goals from Emily Kinner and Brooke Somers. Emily has developed into one of our most consistent scorers and found the net again after Sarah Meyer ricocheted a ball off the post. Brooke used her speed to get deep into the corner and made a tough angled goal following a feed from Kristin McCall. Huskies were aggressive the entire game and consistently beat Gull Lake to the ball. The passing was excellent. In many ways this was one of our best games of the season against a determined Gull Lake club. In the first half we seemed to forget how to kick the ball over the goal, unfortunately we remembered in the second half. In all we had 14 shots on goal compared to one for Gull Lake.

Special Note: The previous two high school seasons #19 Whitney Alrick for Gull Lake has ended her season against PN. Two years ago it was the scary head to head crash with Sarah Meyer that sent both girls to the hospital. Last year she tore her ACL. It was great to see her playing hard again last night….and not getting hurt! Whitney is a great competitor and even a better person…the Huskies were glad to see her back!

Portage Northern defeats Battle Creek Central- The Huskies defeated an outmanned Bearcat squad Monday evening. Sarah Meyer had a hat trick along with two assists. Chelsea Thompson also had two assists with other Huskie goals coming from Brooke Somers, Sam Kowalisyn, Emily Kinner, Janice Malone, Kristin McCall, and Sara Howland. Other assists came from Kowalisyn, Howland, McCall, and Nikki Burnham. In the opener the JV won 7-0 with Kelly Wilkinson getting credit for the shutout.

PN over Lakeshore- Portage Northern defeated Stevensville Lakeshore 4-1 Friday evening. Husky goals came from Emily Kinner twice, Brooke Somers, and Sam Kowalisyn, with assists from Sara Howland twice, Sarah Meyer and Chelsea Kuchta. The JV won 6-1 with goals by Sarah Bouali, Hannah Smith, Ella Lozon, Christy Nixon, Liz Bejcek, and Hillary Bronson.

PN over KC- The Huskies notched two shutout victories on the road against the Maroon Giants of Kalamazoo Central Wednesday evening. The varsity won 2-0 with goals from Kristin McCall and Sarah Meyer, assisted by Anna Bliss and Chelsea Thompson. The shutout was shared by Amy Nuismer and Molly Brooks. In the early game, the JV prevailed 5-0 with goals by Sarah Bouali, Mary McCarthy, Carolyn Brown, Sara Miller, and Kelly Wilkinson..Wilkinson and Carolyn Rath shared the shutout.

THANK YOU to Bob McCall for writing the varsity game summaries and making it interesting!


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